Competition for housing development in natural landscape
  Traditional farm typology ‘Twentse hoeve’ inspired the developers to Clusters of 4 private dwellings each, surrounded by hedges. Enschede municipality hopes for quality as well as remaniscence of traditional Twentse hoeve. Yet developing 't Vaneker with housing and infrastructure means a rupture with the past: both cultural and ecological. A rupture with riscs: nature invaded by SUV’s, clusters filled with social control and irritation. We asked ourselves what good can come out of this initiative; “What’s given in return?” Our design proposes:
new relations to the environment; graduation between collectivity and privacy
spatial harmony, ecological buildings, energy and watercycles, and a structure for
collective development and mamanegement. This makes the project also accessible for households with less than topranked incomes.

details of design competition 2008